"We live in a world that seems to be turning upside every seven seconds. Amid the whirlwind of distracting clutter, our TEDxAcequia team worked hard to create a TEDx that was an oasis of thoughtful sharing, insights, practical solutions, and bold proposals. Our hope is that the TEDx talks presented can continue to support an ever-evolving New Mexico that works for all New Mexicans." –Dominic Cappello, Curator


Dominic Cappello, Curator

Bram Meehan, Art Director/Designer

Elizabeth Peterson, Producer

Natalie Skogerboe, Producer

Arianna Trott, Producer

Phillip Endicott, Consulting Producer

Katy Yanda, Creative Consultant

Gregory Sherrow, Website Programmer

TEDxAcequiaMadre was sponsored by the Santa Fe Community Foundation.

Gratitude is expressed to the Foundation’s Annmarie Mclaughlin for her unwavering support. Thanks also to Tim Nisly, curator of TEDxABQ, for his invaluable insights.