Cecile Lipworth

One million women turning pain into power

In New Mexico, 260,000 daughters, mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and nieces will be raped, abused, or murdered in their lifetime. The other three quarter million girls and women are at risk every day. The women of New Mexico must turn their pain into power, and demand an end to this violence. Cecile Lipworth shares the ideas and actions needed--on the part of activist-residents, the governor, state lawmakers, judges, law enforcement, state agencies, and community groups — to pass policies, fund programs and change consciousness to end violence against women and girls in New Mexico and globally.

Cecile Lipworth had worked for V-Day for over 10 years and is currently its Managing Director. V-Day is a global grassroots activist movement founded by Tony Award-winning playwright Eve Ensler with the goal of ending violence against women and girls. She calls on New Mexicans to join V-Day to end the state's high rates of violence against women.