Dennis R. Holloway

Encountering architecture and urban design of the pre-contact Americas in virtual reality

State-of-the-art computer software and spatial data can create, in virtual 3D space, a growing model archive of architecture, towns and cities of the Americas as they would have appeared before arrival of the Europeans. Dennis Holloway's computer models show how the U.S. looked when it was populated by indigenous cultures that were intimately connected to the land before the arrival of the Europeans. We "moderns" can learn much from these cultures, especially from their sustainable architecture to rediscover the truth of wedding architecture and environment.

Dennis R. Holloway is an architect and urban designer in the Four Corners Region, and is a pioneer of passive solar architecture (U/MN Project Ouroboros) and "culturally relevant" design (UC/Boulder Solar Hogan Demonstration). After a career in University teaching and research, he has returned to practice architecture and urban design, but now armed with computers and advanced software in his design quest.